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Severity, Piety, and a genuine desire to kick... well, he's here to have fun.

Absolom Locdt is currently the chaplain of the Lockhart super group. He was a friend of Myrdinn who came along to Paragon to lend a hand during the days of the beginning of the Rikti's second invasion. Originally, he wore claws while cleaning up the streets in Paragon. But, during the event that freed Lord Angus and Dark Dawn, those claws had been ripped out by a particularly vengeful Pantheon caster. After months of healing (and no few surgeries), Absolom regained the use of his hands; as a reward Lord Angus gifted his favorite sword to Absolom (the very sword he had been wielding that caused the short circuit that originally pushed both the ancient Angus and Dawn into the paradox that kept them trapped in time) as the ancient Lord figured that Absolom would want revenge. Not a vengeful sort, Absolom still took the gift in the spirit it was offered, and used the weapon for therapy work.

During this time, his older brother showed up to take some of the place that Absolom had filled in the team's roster; however, Andrew choose to simply go by "Locdt" while he was in Paragon. Eventually, regular workouts and therapy using the sword resulted in Absolom's near complete recovery. He can again be found on the active roles of the Lockhart super group, as they work together to try to bring evil and villains to a slightly lower level.