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Childe is the founder of the super group; generally, this group was founded to support her goal of supplanting the heroic Lockharts, and gain enough support and monies to purchase the Lee Castle herself. However, in the process, she created an imperfect clone of Myrdinn, one eventually named Myrdinn Dark.

For a while, Myrdinn Dark stayed fairly loyal, but has recently begun making the moves to take over the super group... thus, the villainous Lockharts have divided themselves into three categories: those who support Childe for whatever reason, those who support Myrdinn Dark for various reasons, and those who are in the group for a paycheck.

The group IS unified on two fronts: replacing the heroic Lockharts, and the ancient hatred of the 5th Column (in Childe's case, this is personal). Childe and Myrdinn Dark have a personal goal of gaining the Lee Castle for themselves.

Primaries are all on Prime aka Freedom)

Name: Origin Archtype: Rank:
(Aine Lockhart)
Science Corrupter Faction head
Myrdinn Dark Mutation Dominator Faction head
Baron Deckard Technology Brute Faction head
Mapserver Daemon Technology Mastermind Mercenary
ShadowClaw One Technology Stalker Childe supporter
Sellsword Natural Stalker Mercenary
Judge Jones Natural Soldier Childe Supporter
Cmdr Raven Natural Mastermind Mercenary
Chained Locdt Science Warshade Mercanary
Susan Pyro Science Corrupter Myrdinn Dark supporter
Mace Pyro Technology Brute Myrdinn Dark supporter
Max Pyro Science Dominator Myrdinn Dark supporter
Furcifer Natural Widow Childe supporter
Hanse Mutation Brute Childe supporter
Midas Gun Technology Corrupter Myrdinn Dark supporter
RMDIR -R Technology Mastermind Childe supporter
Purpler Technology Corrupter Myrdinn Dark supporter
Dr. Deirdre Magic Dominator Mercenary
Tesla Marauder Tech Brute Mercenary
Corcair Natural Mastermind Mercenary
Bodhi Ken Natural Scrapper Street Justice/Dark Armor
Temporal Rogue Tehnology Controller ill/time manip
Terran Oppressor Natural Dominator earth/earth

Other villains: .