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The heroic Lockhart super group was one of the splinters of the DuneStalker Patrol. Myrdinn was a founding member in that super group, but when it started splitting up, he started focusing on his long-term goal of regaining the Lee Castle. Many of the early supporters are those who have the same goal; many of the latter supporters are those who have signed up with the super group after being entangled in the ongoing feud between the hero Lockharts and the villain Lockharts.

All have the goal of bringing the villainous Lockharts back into the light, and regaining the Lee Castle for the extended Lockhart clan. All have a serious hatred for any 5th Column adherents and remnants.

Primaries are all on Prime (aka Freedom; I have a level 1 Myrdinn on all servers except Virtue, due to the end of beta fubar and a lucky sob who stole my name there! Plus, some concept heroes I've only messed with to get a feel for the look of a potential hero/villain.)

Name: Origin Archtype: Rank:
(Myrdinn Lockhart)
Mutation Blaster Colonel
Caitlin Magic Controller Major
Logistics Wizard
Angus Lockhart
(rerolled... at least five times)
Mutation Tanker Major
Absolom Locdt Mutation Scrapper Captain
Lord Angus Natural Tanker Captain
Gravitic Gid Magic Controller
Lady Ruathar
(Gwendolyn Lockhart)
Natural Scrapper Potential heir.
Primal version of Childe/Myred
Fiery Retort
(Fergus Lockhart)
  Tanker Tutor/speech writer
Forever Rose
(Rose Lockhart)
Mutation Controller Potential heir
Myrdinn Grey
Natural Peacebringer
Potential heir.
(Myrdinn clone)
Midas gun Natural Blaster "Security" specialist
Ecru Technology Defender Technology specialist
Eight Eyes Science Blaster Genetics specialist
Silvia Blue Science Blaster Reporter and PR consultant.
Verily Vicious Science Scrapper "Computer systems" expert
Prime Warden Mutation Tanker Refugee from Prime
Evil's Eclipse
(Justice Jones)
Technology Blaster Munitions expert
Neutralino Tech Controller Physics geek
Professor Iceflow Science Controller Geophysics geek
Seaghdh Natural Defender Pilot extraordinare
BeamSpam Tech Blaster Neutralino's younger brother
Eamonn Ion Tech Scrapper Another Lockhart, but not an heir
HammerArm Tech Tanker Former policeman gone hero
CounterStave Natural Scrapper Friend of Lady Ruathar from the same martial arts school.

Heroes in other universes:
IronWatch (Pinnacle)
Silvia Blue (V server)

*These characters are rerolled into a new incarnation.