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Primal and practical, Lord Angus was a throwback even in his native fourteenth century life.

It was a gruesome time and place to live. Lord Angus Lockhart, one of the House of Lee, was an example of the type of person who excelled in that bygone era. During his trials for the Cennaraud, he stumbled upon a group of wizards whose desiccated corpses would eventually join the ranks of the Banished Pantheon. The court mage of that time, a lady known as Dark Dawn, tried to rescue this hapless Angus from the clutches of those wizards, only to get caught up in a maelstrom of magic. Both were imprisoned in a stasis, until the modern Angus and members of the Dune Stalker Patrol freed them.

During the long time in between this event and their eventual discovery, the various associates of those who would become known in the modern era of as the Banished Pantheon constantly moved around the sphere as a curiosity and an item of power to study. That is, until a modern Lockhart read about the story, and got curious.

Angus of the modern era found a mention to this event (without the details on the result) and, with the help of the Dunestalker Patrol, began a campaign against the modern Pantheon. Eventually, they found out about the sphere, and raided the location where it was stored. Phaere, Absolom, Angus, and Myrdinn recovered the sphere, and cracked it open.

The result was somewhat unanticipated by the group; and they paid for their surprise dearly when one of their own was grievously wounded in the initial round.  Despite this, the ancient duo and the modern Lockharts were able to band together and defeat the villains.

While Absolom was in the hospital, Lord Angus began to ask questions about how the time had passed, and their own records about the family. Surmising that the splitting of the timeline during the Second Rikti invasion meant that backwards travel on the timeline would not be advisable, Myrdinn offered the ancient fellow a spot in the current lineup (and promptly enrolled him in a good TESOL program).

After tooling up a armor and powered suit (and learning enough English to be intimidating), Lord Angus hit the streets, wielding a mace (as he had donated his sword to Absolom out of a feeling of an honor debt). One biker later, and he even had a nice set of shades to go along with the new armor. He now patrols regularly, hoping to help Absolom get his full footing back, and with a deep desire to generally smash all dark magic users that can be found.

Lord Angus