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Angus Lockhart is... a very long story. Interestingly enough, despite the large difference in appearance to his older brother ("older" in the sense of about six minutes), he is the identical twin to Myrdinn. However, the mutative properties of their shared genetics took very different paths prenatally. He is also the super group's lawyer, and the family's amateur historian.

Oftentimes, he can be found questioning his place in the family and universe; during such times, he often pours through the family's annals or the Christian Bible to find guidance in his affairs. His man affinities lie primarily in destroying walls (both physical and legal), and buying well tailored suits (once a year he makes a trek to a world famous haberdashery and restocks his suits).

In the extended Lockhart clan, the very name of "Angus" seems to have a curse on it. Every Angus (or Aonghus, etc) ever born to the family has always had an "interesting" life. While researching this curse, Angus came across the earliest written occurrence: a fourteenth century Angus Lockhart (one of the Barons of that century) had gone missing with a family retainer while confronting a local witch coven. After investigating the cult, he was able to determine that the "witch coven" was a group associated with the current Ancient Pantheon. After informing Myrdinn of this, the DuneStalker Patrol tracked down various Pantheon members, until they found the actual sphere associated with the legend stored in one of the Pantheon's lairs. Phaere, Absolom, Angus, and Myrdinn recovered the sphere, and began to work on it.

Through an incredible display of willpower, Angus and Phaere were able to breach the dark shell (whilst Myrdinn poured on the power to force a crack in the shell); immediately releasing Lord Angus, Dark Dawn, and a whole cadre of ancient members of the Pantheon (all quite angry and unaware of the passage of time). During the battle, Absolom was sorely hurt by the coven's leader; and the three tankers (Angus, Phaere, and Lord Angus) very successfully withstood the combined efforts of the villainous casters. Dark Dawn was able to pull Absolom out of the fight, while Myrdinn and the coven head went toe to toe in battle.

Despite the actions of the group, most of these cultists were able to get out of jail quickly due to the statute of limitations of any crimes (other than murder) of the fourteenth century being *quite* out of date (not to mention jurisprudence issues).

Angus now spends his time split between the court room (amazing how often a super hero group gets sued for smashing up a building when chasing down villains) and defending against Rikti and Praetorian invasions.