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Myrdinn Lockhart was the first of the Lockharts in Paragon, back before the 2004 cataclysm that sundered the old Prime universe into multiple shards. His primary objective (at the time) was to simply earn enough fame and money to repurchase the Lee Castle, as it has passed out of the Scottish Lockharts' hands some few decades ago.

On arrival to Paragon City, he teamed up with an old friend, and a cousin to start earning some cash. In memory of the town they had inhabited in another place, they called themselves "DuneStalker Patrol."

As stories go, that was a happy and a sad time. There were successes, failures, and, eventually, the team split up about the time when heroes went from forty registered levels to fifty. When the team split up, Myrdinn left for a while, to spend some time among the Jedi and trained a few of his own padawans.

Then, after that time, he returned to Paragon, again seeking to reclaim the glory he had once had. Angus, Absolom, and Locdt joined him in that endeavor. This is when the Lockhart super group was established... and when a foe from Paragon City struck back. Aine, a newly arrived extra-dimensional Lockhart from a ruined world, was caught in a ploy to pull Myrdinn into a fight he could not win. However, Longbow beat him (and the other Lockharts) to the punch.

This event resulted in Aine being railroaded as a villain and ending up in jail. Not a nice time for Myrdinn or the rest of the Lockharts; eventually, he was able to prove the judge in that case was prejudiced against all super powered beings and supergroups... but not in time to save Aine. After the judge was thrown into the Brick, and before they could get an appeal for Aine, she was broken out of jail. By that point, she was quite bitter against Myrdinn, Paragon City, and most of the Primal universe.

Calling herself "Childe," Aine decided to go on the warpath, and replace both Myrdinn and the Lockharts.

This is when the rest of the super group began to appear in Paragon, and Myrdinn began trying to contain the problems he had inadvertently created.