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Greys and Golds
Evey liked getting into computers almost as much as she liked experimenting with nanotechnology.
Hey, it is a tough field; lots of people are getting into nanotech these days. A little... unconventional research can come in handy.

Villains are a good target; they rarely sue. One day, she ran across a backdoor access to Childe's system (she really should run more anti-spyware). Upon accessing her data trove, Evey found some plans to a follow-up to ShadowClaw One... named "ShadowClaw Two."

Quickly taking the plans, and loading them into her lab, she almost successfully accomplished the experimental suit. Except the resulting explosion took out two blocks of light industrial buildings. Upon awakening, she discovered what she originally thought was a thin smear of oil was actually part of the constructed nanosuit; the one stable segment that began to self-replicate. Over time, that patch has grown into her current supersuit (and linked nano sensing probes).

Currently, she is experimenting on it at the Lockhart Supergroup's lab, while waiting for a new grant (or, if she can avoid Childe's lawyers, a patient).
Verily Vicious