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Greys and Golds

Stubborn, obstinate, aggravating, and a general pain in the... well. Gid was never a very nice man, but the Myrdinn of this universe thought he needed a second chance. Gid has a significant resemblance to Myrdinn's own great-grandfather; in more ways than just physical appearance.

It all started when a woman who eventually would be known as Caitlin stumbled into Gid's grandfather's world in a very explosive way. The story she had to tell was an amazing one: that she had just come from the future of that world when it was under invasion from a menace called the Rikti (or, at least, a group that claimed to be the Rikti). Since magic was common there (and the tricksters so often associated with magic also common), she was dismissed almost as soon as she opened her mouth as just another magical being attempting to trick humanity into an unwise situation.

Few people believed this story... except a couple of Lockharts who were a bit more paranoid than the rest. For nearly sixty years, they prepared for this invasion. When the predicted invasion did indeed appear to occur, they were (fairly) ready; and were able to push back the invasion (being careful to make sure that causality was not blanked and sending the incoming Caitlin from the Rikti world back in time).

However, this act sealed the doom of that world. Just as they were pushing the invaders back into their last portal, the invaders pushed back with a weapon Gid's people were totally unprepared against; the resulting event wiped out most life on their world, and left the few survivors facing certain extinction and starvation.

Gid, Caitlin, and Aine made one last daring portal jump to attempt to return to Caitlin's version of their world and escape the last quiet death of that world. They succeeded in leaving that world, but did not exactly land in one they recognized. The Myrdinn of the world they arrived in welcomed his extra-dimensional kin into the clan of his world, and promised to look for Caitlin's home dimension.

Gravitic Gid