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Greys and Golds
"Redemption?! HA!"

The daughter of a once proud hero, Lady Aine was once the apple of her mother's eyes. However, Caitlin wasn't home very often then.... which left the oldest of her children open to the corruption from an old 5th column enemy of the family from this universe. She was subjected to the process that should have turned her into one of the Vampyri... and it did not take as well as it should have.

The result was named Childe, and dumped off in one of that villainous group's labs. There, she stayed until she was apprehended in a Hero raid during the time when the 5th column was in a civil war with the Council. The judge at her trial cut her no favors (even with the excellent defense offered by Angus Lockhart), and sent her to the Brick.

In the person where Lady Aine once walked, Childe now paces, determined to gain both vengeance, and a bit of profit along the way...