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Caitlin was and is an advisor from one of the many parallel worlds in Primal Paragon's 1-space; a world wherein genetic manipulation was a commonplace activity. Currently, she is the second in command of the Lockhart super group (she came in after the Lockharts split from the Dunestalker Patrol).

Caitlin is not her real name, of course, but the one that has served for nearly two hundred years. Mother to Aine (now called "Childe" since she walked down the path of the villain), she now seeks to find her lost sheep of a daughter, and return her to the side of Good (or, at least, "not evil"). An ancient friend of the Lockharts, she has has been allied to them for most of the last four hundred years in more than one universe. Only when the last world fell to a group claiming to be Rikti, did she, her daughter, and one Gid Lockhart from that world arrive in Primal Paragon.