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Greys and Golds
"Just a merc working for the Lockharts of Rogue Islands. I was the first one hired on by Childe, second one in the group behind the runt."

Commander Raven is a short hire mercenary that Childe picked up early on in her career. As far as anyone can tell, he is in the deal for the money...
...only shows real emotions around Sellsword; the two seem to have a common enmity between them.

Raven and Sellsword both met trying to get hired at a merc sign up; Sellsword rubbed Raven the wrong way, and they ended up fighting. Raven called in his mercenary hires... Sellsword killed one of them. Childe stepped in, and hired both of them. However, they still do not get along... Raven would like to prove he is the superior mercenary, superior person, and generally would like to kill Sellsword.