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Andrew Locdt is the elder of the Locdt children and a darn good accountant.

When Absolom was in the hospital regaining the use of his hands, he called his older brother in to help with some of the old DuneStalker Patrol's paperwork. Sadly, by the time Andrew got to Paragon, the DSP had split up. The Lockhart part of the DSP had begun to reform around the idea of purchasing the Lee Castle; and they needed help both financially and physically against the (multiple) growing villain threats.

So, Locdt signed up, and tried to help out. Once an archer, he ran afoul of what appeared to be a rogue peacekeeper. Left nearly dead, a Kheldian claiming to be a Warshade offered him a deal he just couldn't refuse...

...and, slowly, ever so slowly, Andrew began to become disillusioned. Eventually he found himself at odds with the other Lockharts, and joined the more... free... Lockharts in the Rogue Islands.